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Drought – Lending a Hand

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Hawkesbury locals with Eclipse Organics and other local producers have gone west over the Blue Mountains to Central Western New South Wales to lend a helping hand to our drought-stricken farmers. 

We have all seen images of the terrible drought. Likewise, we have been touched by the difficult situation for our farmer during this big dry. There are different ways to help out; either, we can give cash donations to registered charities (See the links below).  Or like a group of locals from the Hawkesbury, get your community together with local and homemade produce and go to drought-affected farms.  

Drought for many Family Farms

Drought – Lending a Hand
Drought affected Elong in NSW Central West

In Elong, and other small towns between Dubbo and Dunedoo in New South Wales Central West there are many drought-affected farmers. One of the farms visited is a dusty property these days, 14000 acres with 250 head of hungry cattle, sheep and a gang of dogs. 

Hawkesbury locals band together for drought 

Drought – Lending a Hand
2018 Drought Support – unloading hey

These Hawkesbury locals loaded a trailer with Hawkesbury hay. They put the call out to friends and family for locally grown and made products to send over the mountains to these families and their neighbors affected by the drought. 

The Hakesrbury locals gave Eclipse Organics a call to see if we could lend a hand. Eclispe Raw Paleo Bars seemed perfect. We pulled together 1000 bars to head west. Also, Richmond Fruit Market, threw in some local produce, similarly a local grower added a load of fresh produce. The locals added their own home grown eggs, preserves and sauces. 

Last Saturday they took the four-hour drive to Elong. They passed gum trees dusted with fresh snow as they went through Bathurst. Later, traveling along dusty stretches of road with dry yellow fields and empty dams. 

An appreciated helping hand

Drought – Lending a Hand
2018 Drought Support – the farm with empty silos

The four-wheel drive pulled into the Elong farm and drove up to the farm’s baron sheds and empty silos. The farmers open-heartedly welcomed the travelers with a warm cuppa and friendly country hospitality. 

Drought – Lending a Hand
Unloading the trailer

They emptied the trailer of its load of Hawkesbury produce. This is certainly one positive step.  

This is a big drought. We can all do a small bit to lend a hand. For us in the unaffected farm districts, we can give what we make and grow.  Also, for those of you live in the city, find a worthy farm charity and give what you spend on one coffee or a weekend breakfast. It will make a difference. 

How to Help with a donation. Some Links:

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