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New Heights in HACCP Food Safety

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At Eclipse Organics, we have always prided ourselves on our constant striving for the best quality food for us and our customers. Our most recent assurance of this quality is HACCP Food Safety Certification. 

HACCP stands for Hazzard Analysis and Critical Control Point system, a food Safety is a system that examines the processes of food making. Possible hazards to quality and food safety are the core to HACCP Food Safety and its controls of the risk.

HACCP Food Safety Management System

CAC HACCP:2003 – CODEX HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Certifier: SAI Global

Issued: 24 October 2018 Expires: 23 October 2021

Originally Certified: 24 October 2018

Current Certification: 24 October 2018

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

I have always tried to live a clean and chemical free life, and have strived to bring this philosophy to my friends and through Eclipse Organics, to our customers.  

As a demonstration of our commitment to quality, and as a means to keep up to date moving forward I see Quality certification as our best demonstration of this commitment. 

In 2010 we started to create Organic Muesli and Health Foods. We became certified organic as a step in our commitment to a high standard. As part of our organic certification, we also are required to run a HACCP system. 

To further strengthen our quality and safely commitment to customers we have now certified our HACCP system. 

The entire crew at Eclipse Organics is very committed to creating amazing products that are of the highest quality. Please see our new HACCP certification as our latest step in verifying this commitment. 

Again we thank you all for supporting Eclipse Organics as we continue to strive to create the best muesli, food bars and health foods ever. 

New Heights  in HACCP Food Safety

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