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What makes us the best Online health food store is the quality of our Organic food and the Australian way. At Eclipse Organics, we’re proud to live in a country as vibrant and lush as ours, and we want to showcase the best of what our little patch of nature has to offer. Using only the finest produce from farms across Australia, our team creates beautiful snacks, meals, and staples including flours and herbs and spices, helping you fill your pantry and your body with clean, organic nutrition. The kitchens of Eclipse Organics are in the vibrant farm district of the Hawkesbury Valley, northwest of Sydney. The crew at Eclipse Organics love what we do. We pride ourselves in creating award-winning artisan muesli, nutritional supplements, Eclipse paleo, brekkie and protein bars and a range of other organic whole foods to keep you going strong and your kitchens healthy and delicious. We’re proud to be an organic food supplier, and it shows in everything we do. We do everything by hand and in small batches as we would do it for ourselves. We trust you will want food of the same great taste and quality we do. Please get involved, use and share recipes and become part of our Eclipse Community.

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If you are serious about organic, choose Australian Certified Organic.

Eclipse Organics is proudly 100% Family Owned. We support local, sustainable and fair trade organic food suppliers. Eclipse Organic - Organic you can trust.

Eclipse Organics was awarded Australian Business of the Year in November 2016.

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