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What is the best way to use Eclipse Organics Products?

There are thousands of recipe ides on the web, surf around. Better still, take a look around our RECIPE COMMUNITY pages to see some of the fantastic recipes shared by the Eclipse Crew and all the members of the Eclispe Recipe Community.

If you have some great ideas and recipes why not share some of your favourites.

Where can I buy Eclipse Muesli, Eclispe Bars and Bits?

Enter your suburb or postcode into our STORE LOCATOR to find a store near you. We recommend you call ahead to ensure they currently have our products in stock.

If you can not find a store near you then try ordering online or chat to your local health food or independent supermarket about getting our products in.

Order direclty from us through our online portal.

Why eat Eclispe Organics Mueslis, bars and bits over other Brands?

At Eclispe Organics the Eclipse Crew make all our Mueslis, bars and bits in our specially built kitchens. We take time to find the best quality ingredients from local producers and fair trade growers from the places where our specialty ingredients actually come from.

Each product we make is made with complete focus on taste, texture and quality. We do not cut corners, we do not use fillers. We add loads of ingredients to make food just as we would at home.

Are Eclispe Organics Mueslis and Bars Certified Organic?

Yes, each and every one of ours bars and mueslis are certified Organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO), Australias premier organic certifying body. 'Organic You Can Trust'.

Who Do I speak to about wholesale and distribution?

Please contact our office on 02 4578 8297.