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An organic health food store that cares

The Eclipse Organics Crew take great pride in the product we put our name to or that we recommend. Please accept our products as the best creations and ingredients available in Australia.

Our story begins in 2000 when I visited Europe for work. I discovered that unlike back home in sunny Australia, very few people in France and Italy began their day with a bowl of muesli. Not being able to find any pre-packaged muesli in stores, I resorted to making my own from local grains, nuts and fruits, using whatever was in season.

It was so delicious that when I came back to Australia ten years later, I couldn’t give up the habit. Partnering with my friend Jonny, we decided to turn my love of home-made, all-natural, organic muesli into a business. Eclipse Organics was born. Nearly a decade later, we have become one of the biggest organic food shops in the country. Alongside our beloved organic muesli, we’ve expanded to offer an extensive range of products including healthy snacks, dried fruits, coffees and drinking chocolates, herbs and spices and more, allowing you to fill your pantry with nothing but the best.

We are a small business and we care. We are happy to guarantee the quality of our products. So, if ever you were to have a question or concern please feel free to contact me or one of our great Eclipse Crew. We love nothing more than talking about what we do, so if you want to know more about our processes, our health food products, or our commitment to our customers and our planet, get in touch today.

Thank you for your trust and support.

Brett Monaghan Co-Founder

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