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Our Story

Our Story

The best creations come in unexpected ways. I am Brett and this is the Eclipse story:

I lived and worked in Europe for the first ten years since the year 2000 and quickly learned that the Italians and French didn’t eat Muesli for breakfast as I was used to back home. 

I realised I would have to make my own Muesli or go without. My first muesli creations were born and became my brekky staple for the next decade.

When time came for a change and I moved back home to Australia. In my first week back I ran into Jonny, a great friend from my past. We picked up our friendship where we left off. 

We ate Muesli from local stores but our taste buds had been spoilt. Store bought muesli was different from what we were making at home. 

We realised there was a place for an Australian Muesli, made without compromise and loaded with quality organic ingredients.

Jonny’s attention to detail came together with my creative talents. We became a team, created our first Muesli and Eclipse Organics was born..

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Eclipse Organics
Eclipse Organics
Eclipse Organics Eclipse Organics
Our organic Muesli and Food Bars are created by hand with love. We do it for ourselves, our family and our friends. Since the beginning our philosophy remains unchanged. We are proudly Australian Certified Organic and we create a diverse range of products. Happily we can also add an ever growing customer and friendship base to the mix. We are inspired by what we do and revel in our involvement in the organic community.Things keep growing around our kitchen as Eclipse Organics thrives - a larger crew, bigger ovens and a mighty big mixing bowl and food processor. This allows us to create all the Muesli, Food bars and other awesome food products that you have shown us you want.Happily there is one thing that has never changed and that is the love and the quality ingredients that we put into everything we make. Food made the way you would at home. Food enriched with organic goodness.We know who grows our food, where it grows and how farmers produce our ingredients. We are passionate about our healthy creations! We invite you to share them with the Eclipse Family.Food you can trust......Eclipse Organics...... Proudly Australian Certified Organic

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Why Organic

Organic is not a trend or a fad diet,organic is the food the way our grandparents and ancestors have always eaten, natural and chemical free.Here are 20 great reasons to eat organic foods. The creators

Organic Certification

View our certification, learn about Australian Certified Organics and the importance of a strong organic certification program in ensuring clean and healthy foods. The creators
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The Eclipse Crew

  • Monica

    Keeper of muesli

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  • Denise

    Our spice queen

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  • Tanya

    Keeps admin running

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  • Brett

    Keeping it new

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  • Lisa

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  • Jonny

    Muesli Queen

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  • Keenan

    Farmers connection

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At Eclipse Organics we focus on creating the best quality foods with the best ingredients. We do not compromise. As part of our commitment to quality and continually improving our offerings we have taken part in food award shows to review our products.With great delight we have been awarded prizes for our Mueslis and Dukkah. In Our first two Year in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards we were rated the number one Untoasted and number one Toasted Muesli. Our Commitment: We commit to continuing to review our products in Food Shows around Australia and continually improve our product offerings. We will endeavour to improve without compromise.