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Organic Spelt Flour - Wholegrain

Organic Spelt Flour - Wholegrain
Organic Spelt Flour - Wholegrain
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Spelt is a nutty flavoured ancient grain related to wheat. It is also richer in nutrients and fibre. Spelt can be used in the same way as wheat to make breads, in baking and pasta while it does not seem to cause intolerance in many people with wheat or gluten sensitivities.
Nutrition Information
Energy (kj) 1510
Protein (g) 14.6
Fat Total (g) 2.4
Saturated (g) 0.4
Carbohydrates, total (g) 59.5
Sugars (g) 6.8
Sodium (mg) 8
Dietary fibre, total (g) 10.7
Carbs_sugar_serve 3.4
Carbs_total_serve 29.7
Energy_cal_serve 180.6
Energy_kj_serve 755
Saturated_serve 0.2
Fat_total_serve 1.2
Fibre_serve 5.3
Protein_serve 7.3
Sodium_serve 4
Units kg
Serving size 50
Weight/cup 110
Weight/tblsp 8.8
Weight/tsp 2.2
Ingredients and Processing
Ingredients Organic Spelt
Full Description WHAT IT DOES - FOOD Spelt is rich in nutrients with a broader spectrum that most grains. It is higher in protein, fat and fibre than most wheat varieties. One of its most important factors is its highly water-soluble fibre, which dissolves easily and allows nutrients to be efficiently taken up by the body. Spelt is an excellent source of manganese and a good source of fibre, phosphorus, Vitamin B3 (niacin), magnesium, protein and copper. HOW TO USE Bread Add rolled spelt to your favourite bread (replace 1/2 flour with 3/4 cup rolled spelt) for a great texture and improved nutrition. Anzac Biscuits - swap with oats or mix half half with oats for a fuller flavoured biscuit with added nutritional qualities.
Health Attributes
High Fibre 1
Nut Free 1

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