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Organic Rice Syrup Malt

Organic Rice Syrup Malt
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Organic Rice Syrup Malt
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Rice malt syrup is a sweetener made from rice that has been enzyme cultured to bread down the starches. It is then cooked to reduce to a syrup. The rice malt contains complex carbohydrates, maltose and a small amount of glucose. Ideal in baking.
Nutrition Information
Energy (kj) 1340
Protein (g) 1.5
Carbohydrates, total (g) 77
Sugars (g) 30
Sodium (mg) 10
Carbs_sugar_serve 3
Carbs_total_serve 7.7
Energy_cal_serve 32.0
Energy_kj_serve 134
Protein_serve 0.1
Sodium_serve 1
Units kg
Serving size 10
Ingredients and Processing
Ingredients Organic Rice Malt Syrup
Health Attributes
Raw 1
Nut Free 1
No Refined Sugars 1
No Added Oil 1
Vegetarian 1
Vegan 1
Dairy Free 1

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