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Organic Italian Herb Mix

Organic Italian Herb Mix
Organic Italian Herb Mix
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A classic blend of Italian herbs, this pungent blend adds a rich taste to sauces, pasta, arrosto (roast) meat or vegetables or in dressings and salads. Combining the essential herbs of Italian cookery – oregano, basil, sage, thyme and marjoram – it’s the perfect way to add deep flavour and richness with one pinch. Add to burger patties for a beautiful, herbaceous flavour that’s sure to wow at your next barbecue or dinner.
Units kg
Serving size 2
Weight/cup 40
Weight/tblsp 3.2
Weight/tsp .8
Ingredients and Processing
Ingredients Oregano*, Basil *, Sage*, Marjoram*, Thyme*. * Organic
Health Attributes
Raw 1
Nut Free 1
No Refined Sugars 1
No Added Oil 1
Vegetarian 1
Vegan 1
Dairy Free 1

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