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Organic Clove Powder

Organic Clove Powder
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Organic Clove Powder
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Cloves are an ancient aromatic spice, a dried flower bud native an island group of Indonesia. They are pungent with a powerful astringent flavour. Cloves are used in pickling and essential is many spice blends including garam masala and Chinese five spice. Cloves are also renowned as a medicine in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines and in dentistry.
Units kg
Serving size 1
Weight/cup 92
Weight/tblsp 7.36
Weight/tsp 1.84
Ingredients and Processing
Ingredients Organic Clove
Full Description WHAT IT DOES - FOOD Ayurvedic Medicine cloves are used to increase heat in the system. Clove Oil is effectively used to reduce dental pain. HOW TO USE Cloves can be used in cooking either whole or ground. Because they are very strong tasting they are used sparingly. Cloves are used in Indian cuisine. If is one part of the spice mix garam masala. It is not often used in the summer. Cloves are one ingredient in chia tea.
Health Attributes
No Refined Sugars 1
No Added Oil 1
Vegetarian 1
Vegan 1
Dairy Free 1

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