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Organic Cacao Butter Raw

Organic Cacao Butter Raw
Organic Cacao Butter Raw
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Cacao is the ancient superfood of kings. It is the seed, of the Amazonian tree, the source of all chocolate and cocoa. The cacao bean is simply crushed to create healthy raw cacao nibs. No sugar or additives, and packed with antioxidants. Add to muesli, trail mixes or add to cakes, muffins or breads for a true 100% pure chocolate taste.
Nutrition Information
Energy (kj) 3761
Fat Total (g) 99.9
Saturated (g) 63.07
Sodium (mg) 1.05
Energy_cal_serve 89.9
Energy_kj_serve 376
Saturated_serve 6.3
Fat_total_serve 9.9
Sodium_serve 0.1
Units kg
Serving size 10
Weight/cup 10
Weight/tblsp .8
Weight/tsp .2
Ingredients and Processing
Ingredients Cacao Butter
Full Description WHAT IT DOES - FOOD The Cacao tree is native to the the Americas, most probably the Amazon is South America. It was considered a currency in the times before the Spanish conquest. It is from the bean from the cacao tree that all cocoa and chocolate is made. Aztec Emperors drank nothing but a chocolate drink made from the cacao bean and flavoured with spices and vanilla. In the 17th Century chocolate was made popular in Europe by the Spanish, and with the cacao tree being introduced to the West Indies and the Philippines. Antioxidant, Anti-Cancer, Heart Health and a Stonger Brain Cacao and products with high levels of cocoa contain flavanoids, particularly epicatechin, which is considered to have beneficial effects of cardiovascular health. Continuous use of raw cacao or cocoa products is linked to cardiovascular health, but to a lesser extent to chocolate or heated cocoa products as flavonoids degrade during heating or alkalising processes. Flavanoids are commonly known for there antioxidant activity, helping clear your body of harmeful free radical, and a mechanism that affects cancer cells and inhibits tumor invasion. It is also considered that eating flavanoid rich cacao products improves blood flow which may benefit your heart and other organs such as the brain, helping improve learning and memory. HOW TO USE Grind with your coffee beans before brewing for a delicious coffee/chocolate drink. Great cold! Add to your favourite muesli or trail mix. Sprinkle over ice cream or yogurt. Add to muffins, cakes or biscuits for added nutrition and a great flavour. Use any time you would use dark chocolate.
Health Attributes
Ketogenic 1
Nut Free 0 1
No Refined Sugars 1
No Added Oil 1
Vegetarian 1
Vegan 1
Dairy Free 1
Paleo 1
How to Use
How to Use Use as you would dark chocolate in cooking, as a health food snack or in muesli and trail mixes.

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