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Organic Almond Butter Roasted

Organic Almond Butter Roasted
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Organic Almond Butter Roasted
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100% nut and seed Butters with nothing added.
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Full Description THINGS TO WATCH OUT FOR Eating too any nuts and seeds can cause problems with digestion, blemishes and pimples and can cause bad smelling flatulence. People with damp conditions, who is sluggish with conditions such as overweight, edema, candida growth, cysts or mucus should avoid most nut and oil rich seeds. Almonds can increase phlegm and sputum. People with signs of excess like a robust body and personality, ruddy complexion, thick tongue coating, strong voice and pulse should use most nuts and seeds little if at all. Do not eat almonds that have been commercially roasted, as this process is a form of deep-frying, usually in saturated fats that can contribute to high levels of LDL cholesterol and the thickening of the artery walls Almonds contain oxalates, a naturally accruing substance that found in plants, animals and humans. When these oxalates become too concentrated in the body they can crystallize to form health problems including stones in the liver and gall bladder. Also these oxalates can cause problems with the joints and arthritis. HOW TO USE Eat nuts and seeds in moderation. Shell the almonds if they are still in the shell. The almonds can be eaten whole, chopped by hand and added to yogurts, other deserts or into a healthy curry or sauté. For the greatest health benefits, soak nuts and seeds overnight to initiate the sprouting process. This makes the fats and protein more digestible. They can then be dried and eaten raw, roasted or cooked. Roasting reduces the effects of rancidity and reduces the oiliness making the nuts and seeds easier to digest. Lightly roast at 160-170°f for 15 – 20 minutes, to preserve the healthy oils. The almonds can be crushed and turned into almond butter – a healthy alternative to peanut butter. Almonds can be ground to produce almond-meal that is used in baking and other dishes. Almonds can be liquefied and turned into a “milk”. Chew well to increase the medicinal value of nuts and seeds. Almonds are the A in LSA (Linseed (flaxseed), Sunflower seed, Almond), a highly nutritious combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and other nutrients. LSA is a great addition to cereals, breads, cakes, muffins and even in stuffing for a raost dinner.
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