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Fermented Black Himalayan Salt Fine

Fermented Black Himalayan Salt Fine
Fermented Black Himalayan Salt Fine
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Fermented Black Himalayan salt "Kala Namak" is a pink-gray salt that has been Kiln baked and fermented, producing a distinctively pungent sulphurous taste. It is renowned for its healthful qualities in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Use black salt in small amounts in sauces and chutneys to add depth and character to cooking.
Nutrition Information
Sodium (mg) 8500
Sodium_serve 340
Units kg
Serving size 4
Weight/cup 250
Weight/tblsp 20
Weight/tsp 5
Ingredients and Processing
Ingredients Natural Fermented Himalayan Salt
Full Description WHAT IT DOES - FOOD Himalayan Black Salt has many healthful benefits for our body. It replenishes your bodies mineral levels and balance ph levels and electrolytes which; - Improves energy and concentration - improves sleep quality and depth - increases brain activity - fosters hair and main growth - Improves respiration - Increases circulation - strengthen the nervous system Has a distinctive pungent smell. Ideal in Indian cooking, relishes, sauces and chutneys.
Health Attributes
Ketogenic 1
Nut Free 1
No Refined Sugars 1
No Added Oil 1
Vegetarian 1
Vegan 1
Dairy Free 1
Paleo 1

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