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Southern Fried Herbs and Spices

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Southern fried herbs and spices is a wonderful spice blend popular in the southern states of the US. Do you wonder about the word fried and if that means this blend is unhealthy. Don’t worry, I am all about eating health foods that are amazing tasting.

I love the warmth and deep comforting flavours of this blend. Southern fried herbs and spices takes a lot of its inspiration for the countries of the South Americas. try this blended with a little salt and used as a rub on vegetable or meat. Or used in the traditional way to spice a coating with flour. Although my absolute favourite is when it is blended with crushed corn flakes for a real Southern tasting coating.

Fried Food Recipes Made Healthy

Now about health. Sure you can d a coating and deep fry chicken. This is one of the oldest ways of eating this southern fried herbs and spices. But we are all totally aware that this cooking method is just not great for your health.

When I tested this spice I followed a old fashioned traditional recipe for Southern Fried Chicken. I just do not rep fry food. But I bought some good quality old, coated up the chicken and cooked away. Ok it was delicious but I found not get any from that oily taste and greasiness.

But there are plenty of ways to cook with this mix that are amazingly healthy. I love to make Southern fried oyster mushrooms baked in the over with an oils spay for browning. These have an amazing chewy texture and awesome flavour. I love the most cold on a picnic. They are amazing cold.

I tried and air fryer. These are an amazing new cooker that will give the sense of deep frying but all you need to do is add a spray or brush of oil on the surface of the food for browning.

Southern Fried Herbs and Spices

Servings 6 serves
Prep Time 10 mins


  • Spice grinder



Use whole or ground spices.

  • Add any whole spices to a mortar and pestle or spice grinder and grid to a fine powder.
  • Add all the powdered spices and mix in well.


Make a larger batch if this is a favourite and store in a well sealed jar a long time, even up to a year or more. 
Although I prefer to make a batch fresh each time. It only takes a few minutes to grind your spices each time to make a Southern fried spice inspired meal. 
Course: Spice Blends, Rubs and Curry Powders

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