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Great Leaps Forward with our Parents Helping Out

Our Parents Bev and Dick Eclipse distributors Qid

Bev and Dick Eclie stockist Qid

I am Brett Monaghan and this is a small business update. Bev and Dick Monaghan, my parents are helping out, and now they are taking Eclipse Organics to new heights in Queensland and Northern NSW. 

Helping Out in Sydney

About five years ago Mum and Dad came out of retirement to Sydney, from the Gold Coast, where I grew up.  They gave my partner Jonny and I a helping hand due to Eclipse Organics undergoing a revolution from Eclipse Wholefoods. Eclipse Wholefoods was a small health food store in Richmond, Western Sydney and now Eclipse Organics is a dedicated Organic Manufacturer of great Australian Muesli and Health foods.  

They took over and grew our business at several farmers markets around Sydney. Even now, years later, customers still stay in touch with them and ask after their wellbeing most weeks. Bev and Dick planned to stay for six months but left two and a half years later. 

Retirement and Travelling

Bev and Dick traveled during the first years of their retirement. They visited me for several months in Europe where I was working at the time. They also spent time in Abu Dabi with my sister. After their time with Eclipse Organics in Sydney, they ended up spending some more time in China, where my sister had moved to for work. 

Launching Eclipse in Queensland

When Bev and Dick returned home to the Gold Coast they wanted to expand Eclipse Organics into the Queensland market.  I really appreciate all the help my parents have provided for us. Even with absolutely zero experience in the distribution industry, they still wanted to give it a crack. 

I think it is hard to beat the passion of family. Dick is a real salesman, he knows a pitch and how sales work. On the other hand, Bev provides copious amounts of enthusiasm and passion. Together they create a great team. I can so clearly see where I get my talent in sales and enthusiasm. This apple does not fall far from the tree. 

In two short years, Bev and Dick have spread the Eclipse word with them. They are now servicing stores from the northern side of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to Ballina in Northern NSW. They are currently raking as one of our best selling distributors in Australia.

Bev with a new store owner

Dick created these amazing display stands that he has continued to build and put into his stores across Queensland. I think they are a bit of a secret weapon. 

Family counts. Thanks, Mum and Dad. I am glad you gave this a go for Jonny and I and we appreciate every single thing you do. 

Signing off. Brett.

Flannerys new store setup

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