Goji and Ginseng Chicken and Chicken Stock

At the beginning of this winter a Chinese customer of mine was buying some goji berries so I asked if there was something special she used them in. This question lead to one of my greatest recipe revelations and probably the most ideal foundation for many recipes I make today. Chicken stock is the flavour base to many a recipe, from risotto and soups to pies and sauces. Chicken stock is known for being extremely healthy and healing for people who have colds or fever. What is so special about this version of a traditional chicken stock is that we are adding two of natures most renowned healing super foods, goji berries and ginseng Panax, that will create a superfood stock with healing properties far superior to almost any other food. Divide the stock into portions and freeze the batched so you can just defrost and use whenever you are in need of a some stock. For the ultimate healing meal, make your sick friend, partner or kids a hearty chicken soup to clear the chest and head, then boost the bodies natural healing abilities.

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