Organic Muesli & Food Bars

Take your snack to the next level. Eclipse Organics offers an extensive range of organic muesli bars designed to tickle taste buds and satisfy hungry tummies, all without the usual baddies. Certified organic wholefoods and created using only the highest quality ingredients, our Australian-made bars are the perfect snack to have in back pockets and handbags for when the 3pm slump hits. Read More...

At Eclipse Organics, we’re dedicated to showcasing the best that Australian produce has to offer, combining delicious fruits, nuts, seeds and other ingredients into scrumptious combinations. It’s the same approach we take to all of our healthy snacks – beginning with something all natural and all delicious, and bringing out the best of it while making it easy to eat. Enjoy the very best that Mother Nature has to offer wherever you are with the Eclipse Organics range of organic food bars.

Food bars featuring organic muesli, cacao and local fruit & nuts

Treat yourself and your body with the range of food bars available exclusively from Eclipse Organics. Whether you’re looking for something fruity or want to indulge your sweet tooth with a bit of raw chocolate , we have something to suit you. Enjoy the fudgey fresh taste of our raw Paleo Chocolate Brownie bar or keep one of our Berry Ripe bars in your bag for a fruity, nutty, jammy hit whenever you need it.

All Eclipse Organics products are certified organic, ensuring that from planting to harvesting, processing to manufacturing, we’re maximising the use of renewable resources, protecting our environment and prohibiting the use of GMOs, long-lasting pesticides and additives. What does that mean for you? It means every mouthful is rich in natural goodness, giving you the full benefit of the plants, fruits and raw ingredients in every bar. Take a bit knowing that you’re eating only the best with Eclipse Organics.

Order our organic muesli & food bars today

Pick your favourite flavour and enjoy a box full of twelve or order our mixed box and try a little bit of everything. Order today from Eclipse Organics and have nature’s goodness delivered to your door.

Paleo Bar, Raw - Coconut Rough (Organic)

Raw organic wholefood bar with added. All the taste and texture of a great healthy treat with rich raw cacao, powder and nibs, medjool dates and coconut. Coconut ro.. Read More

Paleo Bar, Raw - Berry Ripe (Organic)

A delicious bar with whole fruit nuts and seeds for great nutrition. Gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free. Packed with antioxidant rich foods with not fillers, preser.. Read More

Paleo Bar, Raw - Manuka & Nut (Organic)

We have all heard of the health benefits of Manuka honey. Here we have added 1 full serve of Australian manuka honey in every bar and load it with energy rich nuts a.. Read More

Paleo Bar, Raw - Chocolate Brownie (Organic)

Who does not love a chocolate brownie. This rich chocolate bar is complimented with walnut chunks and the deep nougat flavour from a generous dash of raw tahini. Tr.. Read More

Paleo Bar, Raw - Choc Orange Fudge (Organic)

A rich raw cacao and date bar with the fresh bite of orange. This is a pure health bar that tastes as good as any snack food you have eaten. .. Read More

Paleo Bar, Raw - Cacao Mint (Organic)

An organic raw cacao bar with an subtle kick of mint. Another ideal perfect storm in a bar. When you are looking for a treat of great healthy energy to see you throu.. Read More

Paleo Bar, Mixed Box - Freestyle Combo (Organic)

Enjoy a Combo of your favourite Paleo Bars. Mix it up as you like. Just leave a note in the cart comments if you want a special combo. Or we will give you a mix of a.. Read More

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