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Paleo Bar, Raw - Coconut Rough (Organic)

Raw organic wholefood bar with added. All the taste and texture of a great healthy treat with rich raw cacao, powder and nibs, medjool dates and coconut. Coconut ro.. Read More

Paleo Bar, Raw - Berry Ripe (Organic)

A delicious bar with whole fruit nuts and seeds for great nutrition. Gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free. Packed with antioxidant rich foods with not fillers, preser.. Read More

Paleo Bar, Raw - Manuka & Nut (Organic)

We have all heard of the health benefits of Manuka honey. Here we have added 1 full serve of Australian manuka honey in every bar and load it with energy rich nuts a.. Read More

Paleo Bar, Raw - Chocolate Brownie (Organic)

Who does not love a chocolate brownie. This rich chocolate bar is complimented with walnut chunks and the deep nougat flavour from a generous dash of raw tahini. Tr.. Read More

Paleo Bar, Raw - Choc Orange Fudge (Organic)

A rich raw cacao and date bar with the fresh bite of orange. This is a pure health bar that tastes as good as any snack food you have eaten. .. Read More

Paleo Bar, Raw - Cacao Mint (Organic)

An organic raw cacao bar with an subtle kick of mint. Another ideal perfect storm in a bar. When you are looking for a treat of great healthy energy to see you throu.. Read More

Paleo Bar, Mixed Box - Freestyle Combo (Organic)

Enjoy a Combo of your favourite Paleo Bars. Mix it up as you like. Just leave a note in the cart comments if you want a special combo. Or we will give you a mix of a.. Read More